We are all sheets with creasesfolded intricatelya line for each year, each pain, and each loss.Every laugh, every gain, and every loveare contours on our skin.How many scars have been knitted behind our smiles?How many stories are stitched between the grooves of our hands?We were not sewn to be ironed out.We are here to be … Read more

The Night Is A Muse

The night gives herself to me like the ocean does the moon.My pen gravitates towards the indigo lights strung together around her neck like sapphires…What would you like to see this time? She asks. And each time, my answer is the same. The other side, I reply.Knowing full well the price of dreams, and the … Read more

Giant Minds, Soft Hearts

There is a world that does exist  Where the cobblestones whisper abandoned poems And the rivers run with dreams Where beauty lies in things unseen and love flows in unknown tongues There is a world that does exist For the brave to hold the pen and feelThe others call it talesAnd, perhaps, tales they are … Read more

Tangled Gems

Perhaps we were tangled together from the beginning.Did the heavens know?Were our shapes hidden between the clouds?Did the ancient skies behold our smiles?I cannot tell you that it was fateFor your sapphire soul outshines these worldly details, and your heart is too infinite for what mere language can create But I can say your eyes … Read more

Blood Rose

Many nights, there are sonnets lingeringThey come to me when the dawn crawls beneath the horizonAnd dusk rises above the ground When I close my eyes, I can always see themDancing through the air in black and white Dressed in tulle and ballerina pumpsJasmine and lavender plaited into their hairMany nights, I hope that they … Read more