Searching For Land

We’ve emerged from underwater After the plummet But we had almost drowned The old us lie at the bottom of the ocean We had to let them sink, they were weighing us down Treading is tiring Sometimes we float Like driftwood on the waves Energy has to be preserved We’re not out yet Just merely … Read more

Cosmos And Fate

She is a seamless painting of our love Knitted together: half me, half himA canvas of fated tiesIn all the years ahead, I surely will not have my soul intact again Not since her arrival has rendered me a martyr for love like I’ve never knownFor through her being I found the most-prized section of … Read more

The Other Side

There she isDancing in the ivory cloudsRosy-cheeked and butterfly-wingedHer laugh floats to me like bubbles across the skyShe bounces, flashing a pearly toothHer plump thighs curling in and kicking outFingers plucking at the candy flossShe twirls and falls back onto the misty trampolineShe is free.And for a second, she catches me looking at herAnd it’s … Read more

Missing From Me

I’ll think of her when the sparrows whistle at 4:00 When the traffic echoes the relentlessness of living And the gardener collects the tree’s lost dreams I’ll think of her when the kettle whines, about to overflow And as we take our shoes off at the front door I’ll think of her when my gown … Read more