I think you exist between the earth and skywhere brown eyes meet blue soulat the horizon of my lovewhere birds roam, and angels peekand perhaps I know you in human glimpses of heavenwhen the spirit speaks and the mortal understands.where a language is born, tiny whispers of our hearts, unfathomable to our mindsit’s in these … Read more

Tangled Gems

Perhaps we were tangled together from the beginning.Did the heavens know?Were our shapes hidden between the clouds?Did the ancient skies behold our smiles?I cannot tell you that it was fateFor your sapphire soul outshines these worldly details, and your heart is too infinite for what mere language can create But I can say your eyes … Read more

I Know Magic And I Call It You

Dusk unfolded her wings and cradled us to her chest.Excited by our chatter, the moon curled up with our laughter.As the trees listened, and prose kissed the air with a sweet aroma, Time ran away for a dip in the ocean of memory.And there he was, nestled beneath the orange lee.The open sky, dull against … Read more

Talking To The Moon

Unconstrained and luminous, Moon’s heart mirrors everything and everyone she loves in silver hues. Brilliantly, she lives – a trait either attributed to her life story or simply her inborn fierceness – or both.  Whether she knows it or not, Moon’s radiance outshone any darkness that threatened my own life. When I think I understand … Read more

Winged Words For My Muses

How do I show the people I love the light that shines on me when I behold their lights? How do I capture that everything I have become is a consequence of their relentless love for me and my tenderness? I want to capture their beauty and reflect it adequately, and am restless until this … Read more