I know magic and I call it you

Dusk unfolded her wings and cradled us to her chest.Excited by our chatter, the moon curled up with our laughter.As the trees listened, and prose kissed the air with a sweet aroma, Time ran away for a dip in the ocean of memory.And there he was, nestled beneath the orange lee.The open sky, dull against … Read more

Talking To The Moon

Unconstrained and luminous, Moon’s heart mirrors everything and everyone she loves in silver hues. Brilliantly, she lives – a trait either attributed to her life story or simply her inborn fierceness – or both.  Whether she knows it or not, Moon’s radiance outshone any darkness that threatened my own life. When I think I understand … Read more

Winged Words For My Muses

How do I show the people I love the light that shines on me when I behold their lights? How do I capture that everything I have become is a consequence of their relentless patience with me and my tenderness? I want to encapsulate their beauty and reflect it adequately and am restless until this … Read more

The Age Of Pain And Love: Our Life In Seasons

Winter rampaged their home and took residence in their hearts. The group spoke under the ebony sky. From warm bellies, what used to be unutterable thoughts ballooned into the room desperately. The smoky vapours billowed between hurt mouths until it plummeted into the fireplace where it burned for good. That night, the group slept with … Read more

The Girl And Her Shadow

I felt her pulsing out my heart: slow throbs, a growing flame burning through my blood, drowning into my veins, scorching the pores of my chest. She began gently at first, then grew wilder with each passing moment, almost like she fed off my resistance. I tried to contain her, to bury her deep into … Read more