Waiting For The Next

From the mansion’s rooftop, the men’s hard hats and glistening bodies cast inky giants on the earth below.The debris dropped like bombs around them.Splat!Concrete blobs on the palace ground. “What should we celebrate tonight?” The one asked, the wrinkles around his eyes dancing like flames in the heat. “My wife is pregnant… and I’ve saved … Read more

Shadows In A Dream

We fall and rise again, fighting between light and darkness. We grow up fascinated by the ink figures around us, intimidated by their deep contrast, fierce height and black smiles. So we mimic and stretch ourselves, wanting to be like them. One day, we realise that the ink figures are easily extinguished when strong light … Read more

Stars In The Ginger Sky

Leaf by leaf, the man collected each dream he had once lost, caught it in his net, and watched them wave like starfish upon surfacing. The chlorine swirled in protest and so did the sweat beneath his hat. The liquid swam off his hardened skin like tears and spilled into the blue maw. The man … Read more

Life In Fiction

After seven days had passed, I couldn’t remember a thing. I realised that I had lived, and time had flown. Like a dandelion’s feathers on the wind, I had been drifting, but I did not feel lost. There was clarity after the oblivion. There was purpose after the wandering.But was it me who had lived? … Read more

Homage To The Moon

Breathe in. Breathe out. Blood and oxygen. Life. Close your eyes, listen to that beat. With each passing second, the full magic of existence flows through you, yet we are often untuned. Disconnected. Connected to the wrong things at the wrong time and to the wrong people, wedged between our love for working ourselves sick … Read more