Michael Komape: A Child’s Right To Proper Sanitation

We take so much of this life for granted. Things that we feel we are entitled to are easy to pass without appreciation… until you are deprived of that thing. Here you are, reading this post through some instrument of modern-day technology from wherever you are in this big beautiful world. You’ve got the longer … Read more

The Life Esidimeni Tragedy: South Africa And The Mentally Ill

Ever since I was a young girl, my mother taught me to ask myself this question: What did I do for someone else today? In the latter part of my twenties, that line has stuck with me and it’s something that has more meaning now than ever before. Have you heard of the Life Esidimeni … Read more

Hazel: One Frozen Chicken To Feed None

Alice stared, her jaw gravitating towards the marble floor. Before her eyes was the handmaid. Alongside the handmaid stood a bucket of brown muck surrounded by a pool of dirty water. A wrangled mop lay cast aside. In the pool was a whole raw chicken drenched in the swampy fluid. Lady Hazel was stationed before … Read more

Hazel: Making New Homes Out Of Old Castles

It was the peak of a great war, the first, really, of the century. Tears lingered on the streets of the busy city like rain. Hospitals were drowning with the fallen men and women, citizens riddled with the wave of panic and hysteria. Lady Hazel watched from her high bedroom tower. She was safe there; … Read more