Writing Services

Are you looking for a versatile wordsmith to tell your story? Are you tired of coming up with content for your blog because you just dislike writing articles? Perhaps you need a person of letters to capture your business and product in a way that speaks to your unique target market. I can do all these things and more, and I love doing them.

With my background and experience, I offer an array of writing services which include:

  • drafting the content for your website (even your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions);
  • creating other online content, such as blog posts and business descriptions, all tailored to your readers;
  • guest posting for your blog/magazine;
  • ghostwriting in your voice and capturing your story and brand;
  • drafting newsletters and emails for your business;
  • product descriptions; and
  • technical editing/content editing for any body of writing. I cross all my T’s and dot all my I’s.

I know that life gets busy sometimes, which is why my promise to you is that I will exhibit professionalism, skill, and timeous performance in every project we work on together.

Content/Feature Writing:

Would you like me to take over your blogging for your website or guest write content for your business site/online magazine? I can provide you with articles of various lengths and topics. We can come up with a plan together on the right posts for your blog and when to post them. I have learned that while SEO is important, it is just as vital to produce content that is captivating and gives your reader what they are looking for.


I’m pedantic and enjoy the nitty-gritty. If you feel that your writing needs something extra for it to be ready to be seen by the world, then I’m your girl. Fixing of typos, grammatical and spelling mistakes… that sort of thing. I offer line editing (copy editing), which means going through your work with a fine-tooth comb and correcting each sentence to read better and ensure overall consistency of tone and flow. This is to enhance both the meaning and punch of the sentence. I also offer structural editing and rewriting, which means that I will shift things around for a better fit, and rewrite, if needed, for a more suitable style. I also can provide full feedback (using comments and MS Word track changes) so that you can see what was done, how you can learn from the edits, and my overall impression of the piece. The goal is to enhance your writing and offer a clear, concise, and objective view to make your writing the best it can be!

Have any questions? Let’s dive right in!