Where We Call Home

I carry you in my smileThough seas sometimes separate us, and often our sunsets differI carry you in the way I loveThough FaceTime temporarily mends the missing And phone calls attempt to fill the distance I carry you in my everyday happenings In the way I love animals, the ocean, and gazing at the stars … Read more

Life In Fiction

After seven days had passed, I couldn’t remember a thing. I realised that I had lived, and time had flown. Like a dandelion’s feathers on the wind, I had been drifting, but I did not feel lost. There was clarity after the oblivion. There was purpose after the wandering.But was it me who had lived? … Read more

Homage To The Moon

Breathe in. Breathe out. Blood and oxygen. Life. Close your eyes, listen to that beat. With each passing second, the full magic of existence flows through you, yet we are often untuned. Disconnected. Connected to the wrong things at the wrong time and to the wrong people, wedged between our love for working ourselves sick … Read more

I Know Magic And I Call It You

Dusk unfolded her wings and cradled us to her chest.Excited by our chatter, the moon curled up with our laughter.As the trees listened, and prose kissed the air with a sweet aroma, Time ran away for a dip in the ocean of memory.And there he was, nestled beneath the orange lee.The open sky, dull against … Read more