Everything’s The Same, You’re Not

You’ll never be the same again. Sometimes Life hands you events that obliterate everything you’ve known Annihilates every dream, ideology, value You will need to rebuild – that’s without question Determine if your city’s infrastructure will stand another quake Was it always this weak? What gets rebuilt is the test You will question your city’s … Read more

The Other Side

There she isDancing in the ivory cloudsRosy-cheeked and butterfly-wingedHer laugh floats to me like bubbles across the skyShe bounces, flashing a pearly toothHer plump thighs curling in and kicking outFingers plucking at the candy flossShe twirls and falls back onto the misty trampolineShe is free.And for a second, she catches me looking at herAnd it’s … Read more

Missing From Me

I’ll think of her when the sparrows whistle at 4:00 When the traffic echoes the relentlessness of living And the gardener collects the tree’s lost dreams I’ll think of her when the kettle whines, about to overflow And as we take our shoes off at the front door I’ll think of her when my gown … Read more

A Girl Like Her

I poured my love into her, lacking limitation or reticence From the moment I knew she was hidden inside of me, till the day she was born, through her life, and now. I said to her, whispered in her ear, “You are everything now. I’ll love you forever.” And those words will linger on my … Read more

Heaven In Her Eyes

I looked into her eyes and it terrified me – in the most beautiful way, because in them I saw so much depth, so much life, so much understanding, such that did not align with that of a 10-day-old baby. She held my gaze. She looked right back into my eyes. I kept telling her … Read more