Christ’s Wildflower

Have you ever seen a sunflower in the middle of a highway?Its yellow face, stark against the grey citySmiling towards the lightIt is dressed in green and bathed in rain Its petals a crown on its head The sunflower sways and twirls at the wake of dayAnd the mellow of nightIt needs not validation nor … Read more

A Face To Some (Published by Spillwords Press)

You’re a face to some A smile, eyes, brows Not intelligent enough. Not quite gifted. Not the right fit at the table But you are soul Creation embodied in a human with thoughts, emotions, purpose They see what they choose Race. Job. Degree. Pedigree.They count accolades like a ticking clock.One. Two. Three. As if time … Read more

A Love Letter

I think it’s beautiful how you give so much even though you do not always get that much in return. We love because we are made from love, and so seeing you pour ‘you’ into everything around you is the purest thing about you. Whether your relationships, your home, nature and animals, your career or … Read more

Created To Create

Prisons of emotion, we are Or, rather, fleshy vessels of sorrows and joys  Confined to specks in a universeBut what we carry transcends far beyond the starsShooting from our hearts and out our minds Through the roofs of earthly homes And into heavenly roomsKnocking on the Creator’s doorOur imaginations cannot be contained,but simply harvested.


I think you exist between the earth and skywhere brown eyes meet blue soulat the horizon of my lovewhere birds roam, and angels peekand perhaps I know you in human glimpses of heavenwhen the spirit speaks and the mortal understands.where a language is born, tiny whispers of our hearts, unfathomable to our mindsit’s in these … Read more