The Age Of Pain And Love: Our Life In Seasons

Winter rampaged their home and took residence in their hearts. The group spoke under the ebony sky. From warm bellies, what used to be unutterable thoughts ballooned into the room. The smoky vapours billowed between hurt mouths until it plummeted into the fireplace. That night, the group slept with their usual fiery energy, but a … Read more

House In The Sky

I fell in love with the house in the sky the way nothing really fits, and everything somehow goes. The isolation of being nestled in the clouds but still with a view of below huge glass windows that trap too much sunlight in the summer and not enough heat in the winter. how the corners … Read more

Line In The Sand

Life is about boundaries, I say. It may sound counterintuitive, but there lies some of the greatest freedoms beyond the decision to set those boundaries. There’s a fluidity behind clear no-go zones Robustness from obeying the rules Peace from off-setting social barriers It is tempting to submerge ourselves in some grand adventure, the thrill of … Read more

Rejuvenation and Refuelling The Heart

To be reborn, we must consistently rebuild ourselves, never give in to the idea that we are fine with a current state, always willing to reinvent, to expunge the dead weight of the inner being, to make room for greatness. We must not get comfortable with comfort or grow fond of mediocrity. Persistently repair broken … Read more