Stars In The Ginger Sky

Leaf by leaf, the man collected each dream he had once lost, caught it in his net, and watched them wave like starfish upon surfacing. The chlorine swirled in protest and so did the sweat beneath his hat. The liquid swam off his hardened skin like tears and spilled into the blue maw. The man … Read more


There are two of them. They slumber in their nest. Lanky limbs intertwine despite the African heat and their breathing mirrors the season’s kiss. The one is soft, infant-like, with large pokey eyes and a pointed snout. Her hair flaps around her, unveiling pink ears and a wishbone scar. In her limbo, she seems aware … Read more

Hazel: A Shiny Dime For A Sparkly Diamond

Boisterous laughter echoed through the passageway. It was another icy Winter’s morning, the solstice of the season. The aroma of the fireplace filled the living room as Lady Hazel chatted excitedly. Heather, the Lady’s Pomeranian, nestled deep into the Persian rug, waking every few minutes startled by the Lady’s outbursts, then canoodling back into her … Read more

Glory Of An Emotional Heap

The girl, exasperated, stared at the pile in front of her The heap seemed to grow exponentially the longer she looked at it a glorified mishmash of years and years of hoarding collection of valuable doohickeys from past adventures and future tokens Despite the wrangled mess, it gave off a scent of lavender and vanilla, … Read more