Hey there, readers! I’m Crystal, an attorney by trade, writer and editor by soul. From a very young age, writing came to me as naturally as learning to walk and talk. What started as short stories in my journals turned into my first Blog which I made about a decade ago. Back then, I never imagined that I would eventually turn writing into a full-time craft. I love words and I love capturing my client’s essence through words. I believe that every human has a unique story to tell this world and that I know how to bring their story to life. 

My fascination with words certainly filtered into my experience as a writer and storyteller. This background includes content writing, ghostwriting, editing, and a WIP debut book. On the flip side, writing from the perspective of a lawyer means questioning each sentence that is jotted down and to be precise in every respect. I hope to bring this level of perfectionism to the projects I work on with my clients. I think you could call my background pretty unique, so when I get to work with brilliant humans, I love to see the interesting results!

When I’m faced with a new project, commonness will simply not do. Each sentence matters. I put myself in the reader’s shoes, I plunge my heart and soul into your story, and I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. 

On this site you can find a list of my writing services offered and some of my personal writing pieces as well.