Dear Mama: You’re Still A Mom

You’re still a mom.

Even though many may not call you that

Even though your baby is no longer here to say ‘mama’

You’re a mom

Even though your arms are empty

And you’ve had to remove the crib from beside your bed

You will always be a mom

Even though your home is silent

And all you want to hear is the sound of your baby’s cry again, just one more time

You have the body that says so

The scars that show so

The instincts within you, though you’ve had to stifle them

Your being has brought forth life

Your hands have carried your creation

You’ve housed another soul

You’ve loved that soul from the very beginning

And you chose that soul with every cell within you

You’re still a mom

Nothing will ever change that

Whether you physically hold all your babies, or whether you hold them in your heart instead

You’re. A. Mom.

And most of all, you’re her mom

She saw you show up when you could barely stand

She heard you walk through the door every hour, every day

Your voice three notes higher every time you lay eyes on her

Because only she could bring that joy out of you in the middle of the storm

Only she could be your shelter from the rain

You’re her mom

And she felt you there

When you were medicated, hungry and forgot that you were physically in pain

Falling asleep by her crib was sometimes all you could muster on the difficult days

You’re her mom

Out of all the billion homes in this world, yours was selected

Because only you were right for this task

Only you could have loved irrevocably and wholeheartedly

Without wanting anything in return but to see your baby breathing

Only you were brave enough to walk through hell

The only one courageous enough to look death in the face and say, ‘I will never give up. Even at the end.’

You are exactly what your little precious soul needed here on Earthside

You’re her mom

Tied to her forever, and even after that

So, you’re still a mom

Even though you cannot fit in with the other moms whose babies are here

And even though nothing can bring your baby back

You’re. A. Mom.

Wear it proudly.

Say it bravely.

Serve it truly.

For all of your days

Because there is only one of you

And you’re the one she chose for her tender heart.

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