Cosmos And Fate

She is a seamless painting of our love
Knitted together: half me, half him
A canvas of fated ties
In all the years ahead, I surely will not have my soul intact again
Not since her arrival has rendered me a martyr for love like I’ve never known
For through her being I found the most-prized section of my heart
The reason it beats even now
Each cell of her little frame, drawn with care
Carved by the Grand Artist
Where did she come from?
On which star did she lay her head?
On which planet did she rest her tiny feet?
Through the cosmos, I will not find one like her
Beneath the oceans, I’ll not come across a more precious pearl
Never again will my arms carry her on this earth
Nor will my face nuzzle against hers
Or her fingers clasp my hair
This makes our story sweet, yet broken
In all this world, I will search for those familiar eyes, and come short
I can only hope
Cling to this
That in the other worlds we will one day find our book complete.

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