Waiting For The Next

From the mansion’s rooftop, the men’s hard hats and glistening bodies cast inky giants on the earth below.
The debris dropped like bombs around them.
Concrete blobs on the palace ground.

“What should we celebrate tonight?” The one asked, the wrinkles around his eyes dancing like flames in the heat.

“My wife is pregnant… and I’ve saved enough for my little one to go to college,” the other replied, shrugging his tattered shoulders, his voice sinking to the pebbles beneath their feet.

“Ah. Well those are reasons to celebrate!”

“But I cannot be happy over these things,” the one continued. “There is much more to attain before I can be truly happy.”

“So, I suppose we wait for a better night then,” the other responded.

“I suppose.”

The metallic monitor shrieked, on time. Another day had come to an end.

The men descended as workers. But for a second, against the pearly sky, their hard hats caught the golden rays and shimmered like crowns.

If only they could have seen it, too.

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