Tangled Gems

Perhaps we were tangled together from the beginning.
Did the heavens know?
Were our shapes hidden between the clouds?
Did the ancient skies behold our smiles?
I cannot tell you that it was fate
For your sapphire soul outshines these worldly details, and your heart is too infinite for what mere language can create
But I can say your eyes are the oldest memory I have
And your vintage voice was sung to me as a childhood lullaby
I cannot tell you that destiny matters a great deal
But I have known your friendship through many chapters, crisscross paths, maybes, and definites
And all the roads circled together, pointing back to you in the middle
So I wonder then,
did the Creator whisper our names as one when He crafted the oceans?
When He moulded Time into the universe?
When He mindmapped every constellation and made the natural law?
Was He canvassing the riverbeds and canyons when He breathed life into what became a “you” and “me”?

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