I Know Magic And I Call It You

Dusk unfolded her wings and cradled us to her chest.
Excited by our chatter, the moon curled up with our laughter.
As the trees listened, and prose kissed the air with a sweet aroma, Time ran away for a dip in the ocean of memory.
And there he was, nestled beneath the orange lee.
The open sky, dull against his cosmic brilliance.
I was both in the audience and on stage,
Observing this firefly of sun and earth
Shining on everything in his wake.
Shoulders that firmly cloaked his cashmere heart.
Eyes that hid the poetry waiting behind his gaze.
Hands that matched mine perfectly.
The stars melted and trickled onto our skin like honey.
Freckles, he called it.
Pixie dust, I replied.
Could it be that we had found what we were looking for?
At the other end of the reverie,
It dawned on me that his gravity could not be untangled.
For I was simply there to witness all that he was about to become
And everything his colour was about to make me.

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