House In The Sky

I fell in love with the house in the sky
the way nothing really fits, and everything somehow goes.
The isolation of being nestled in the clouds but still with a view of below
huge glass windows that trap too much sunlight in the summer and not enough heat in the winter.
how the corners nudge you in the knees and the door hurts your elbow
the damp laundry draped over the couches and the shoes lined at the door.
Where the teapot is never short of tea and the mugs come in the colours of the rainbow.
I love the way a tiny space can become a fortress
from the outsiders
from the gawkers
from the world
from anyone or anything less than magic.
A sanctuary where shelves smell like books and red dust lay under the bed.
And the two creatures that live within it,
they are the misfits that have found peace in their quirks.

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