Line In The Sand

Life is about boundaries, I say.

It may sound counterintuitive, but there lies some of the greatest freedoms beyond the decision to set those boundaries.

There’s a fluidity behind clear no-go zones

Robustness from obeying the rules

Peace from off-setting social barriers

It is tempting to submerge ourselves in some grand adventure, the thrill of living extraordinarily, seeking the next high, the next goal, the next big thing.

There’s a fine line, however, between setting off on an expedition of recklessness in the pursuit of contentment, and realising that sometimes, the greatest adventure we could ever embark on is attaining something most people cast aside: self-respect.

Life is about boundaries, I tell myself.

Social boundaries

Academic boundaries

Relational boundaries

Religious boundaries

Career boundaries

And when we can reach that place of respecting those boundaries, we are able to find a unique sense of freedom.

A freedom to find a love that does not inhibit but makes you feel at peace in all its warm rainbow tones.

A freedom to select the rare people that will have access to both your sorrows and your immeasurable joys.

A freedom to accept life with all its messiness and twists.

The freedom to trust your emotions and follow your intuition.

The freedom to choose where your heart rests.

Saying “no” brings healing

Boundaries birth freedom

A line in the sand. What’s yours?

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