Rejuvenation and Refuelling The Heart

To be reborn, we must consistently rebuild ourselves, never give in to the idea that we are fine with a current state, always willing to reinvent, to expunge the dead weight of the inner being, to make room for greatness.

We must not get comfortable with comfort or grow fond of mediocrity. Persistently repair broken feathers and polish worn-down wings.

To go into hiding when the world seems overbearing, to be honest enough to know when we need it, and brave enough to know when it must end.

To replenish run-dry emotional tanks. To heal in secret, to mend wounds for the next battle, and to rediscover in solitude.

To ask your heart what it needs and when it needs it. To know the difference between good company and boredom, to appreciate the value of quality over quantity, to stand-fast in originality and self-respect.

We must never detract from the priority of following our hearts over public opinion.

To put health above cheap thrills, to remember that our mental status is just as imperative as eating clean and working out.

To be reborn, we must take the good with the bad, mesh them together, manipulate the bad to birth goodness, and in essence, we must die to our old selves, whilst still remaining true to the real self – we are creators, after all.

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