Our world was built from words. Words have the power to construct communities, rupture relationships, and transform thinking. With the right wordsmith holding the pen, your story can come to life.

Writing Services

Content/Feature Writing

Need content for your magazine/website? I can create blogs, articles, and/or business write-ups in your desired length to inform and captivate your audience.


Compelled to share your voice but not sure how to get your thoughts on the page? I can take your thoughts and turn them into pages. Together, we can make a great team.


Want someone to look over your body of text and offer proofreading, structural editing and maybe a little rewriting? I’m precise and enjoy the nitty-gritty.

Fiction And Non-Fiction: Works In Progress

Outside my window, a sparrow paused mid-flight; her mud wings laced around the fingers of an invisible puppeteer as he dangled her life against the blue curtain. Her feathers were rigid as a stick, her beak frozen in time. A static rainbow moved vertically across her like on a television screen. Half in slumber, half alert, I habitually searched for a remote control to change the channel, but when my vision shifted from peripheral to focus, the sparrow seemed to have landed on the building across the street. What had I seen? Where did those seconds go? Not a hint of struggle lingered in the air for the bird, but I was so sure that someone had hit pause on the remote.

(Draft 1) Excerpt from Scarlett’s story, Reflections In A Needle

I looked in her eyes and it terrified me – in the most beautiful way, because in them I saw so much depth, so much life, so much understanding, such that did not align with that of a 10-day-old baby. She held my gaze. She looked right back into my eyes. I kept telling her over and over, “I’m your mama, I’m your mama.” I wanted to soak her soul, her very essence, her very existence, into my heart, and I wanted her to do the same. 

(Draft 1) Excerpt. For Aleiyah Lee.

“Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.”

Sylvia Plath

Creative Writing & Publications

  • Dancing Through Time
    As the elephant tracks water from miles awayAnd the hummingbird knows when to fly north The newborn turtle scurries towards the sea As the sunflower rises and droops each day And the Earth rotates every 24 hours The bee forgets not where to find the hive As the baby in utero knows the mother’s voice And the moon stirs and gathers the oceans So the bear retreats when winter comes For this is the wonder of nature PreciseSystematic Patterned And so it is with every creature, planet, star, and atom Each on cue, takes a step … Read more
  • Up The Mountain
    I’ve checked out Jumped off the bandwagon Hopped off the train I watch it zoom past me  Where did the time go? I stand in front of the railway lines, luggage in both hands I’ve decided that I’m going to walk It can be lonely, I’ve heard from the other walkers But being on the ground means you can collect pebbles and daisies en route I do appreciate the fresh air And I’ve got my trainers on now They’re new and built exactly for my feet My muscles are stronger than they used to be They’re … Read more

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Online Snippets

When I was a kid, a wild and exquisite being cast a spell on me. 
Failing to extinguish the magic, I allowed it to dwell in my space. 
In return, I required nothing less than this being's irrevocable devotion to creating within me a world in which we could coexist. 
We set off to build a world that would curtain the harshness of humanity and to fill it with heroes and creatures we could both fall in love with.