Sowing Greatness In Solitude

There was a stillness in the air despite the buzz of the city people. The river created a chill that floated throughout the town and brushed the cheeks of anxious tourists. I was one of them. A speck in an ocean of untold stories and lived lives. Out of place, yet somehow blending into the … Read more

The Girl And Her Shadow

I felt her pulsing out my heart: slow throbs, a growing flame burning through my blood, drowning into my veins, scorching the pores of my chest. She began gently at first, then grew wilder with each passing moment, almost like she fed off my resistance. I tried to contain her, to bury her deep into … Read more

‘All is Vanity: How I stopped searching for worth and found it in Christ’ (Featured: Unfiltered Christianity)

“ALL is Vanity. I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit.” – Ecclesiastes 1:17 How do we define our worth? Is it the fancy possessions we accumulate during our time here on Earth? Maybe it is the job that gives us … Read more

Carry My Soul: Finding God In His Creation (Featured: Unfiltered Christianity)

The air in the plane felt heavy; buzzing with familial chatter, the crinkle of chip packets, and rowdy kids. I had a window seat – anywhere else and I’m not a happy traveler. This location allowed me to tune out the normality of flying, and be consumed by my thoughts. I leaned my head against … Read more