Where We Call Home

I carry you in my smile
Though seas sometimes separate us, and often our sunsets differ
I carry you in the way I love
Though FaceTime temporarily mends the missing
And phone calls attempt to fill the distance

I carry you in my everyday happenings
In the way I love animals, the ocean, and gazing at the stars
And how I lose hours wondering about God, life, and existence
Though time is never enough when we’re together, and always too much when we’re apart

I carry you in my laugh and zest for life
In my curious eyes and my lion heart
Though not everyone understands us
And many have tried to poke at our zeal

I carry you in my colourful teacups, the cinnamon at Christmas time, and the yellow rug lining the kitchen floor
Though we dance from ferocious love to ecstatic tears and back to fiery hugs and gentle nods

I carry you in my passion, my words, and in my favourite spot in my living room
For our language knows not common, small, or “that will do”
But our ties expand through seasons, changes, and history
With no comprehension of half-hearted, conditions, or bounds

I carry you in my blood
For our story is my favourite one
Wound with redemption, grace, and favour
Where the cover says “I’ll fight for you,” and the sentences run over the pages
With no need for pretense, caution, or reassurance

So I carry you always, even when I’m unaware
For our hearts fold into each other like petals on a rose, our paths rooted in the same soil, our hearts bound by the same twine
And our love flows through our garden like rain in the Springtime, and our warmth cascades like water over a mountaintop
Though that makes us too much for some, we are always the most for each other.

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