In 1946, the first diamond in South Africa was discovered by two children playing on their family farm. The children often collected rocks from the river to play with. A man, suspecting that the rock was a diamond, offered to buy it from the children’s parents, but not knowing its value and passing it over as a useless and common rock, the farmers gave the diamond away for free.

This diamond came to be known as the Eureka Diamond – ‘Eureka’ – meaning ‘a cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something’ in Greek.

The 21.19 carat Eureka, mistaken for a pretty stone, was simply in the hands of common folk who did not know its worth. It needed to be discovered by the right eyes, cherished by the right heart, and held with the highest esteem.

And so do you.

So shine, Eureka, shine.

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