A Love Letter

I think it’s beautiful how you give so much even though you do not always get that much in return.

We love because we are made from love, and so seeing you pour ‘you’ into everything around you is the purest thing about you.

Whether your relationships, your home, nature and animals, your career or your art

There is no half-hearted with you.

And though that makes you vulnerable to being misunderstood, judged or underestimated, I hope you hold on to that anyway, because the world needs more like you even though ‘more like you’ are often discarded.

And I think it’s beautiful the way you look at what’s around you with childlike intent and sometimes naivety.

How the world has often shown you terrifying strokes of black in this picture we call life, but you sought the brushes of yellow in spite of it.

And I love the way you feel deeply and honestly and sometimes too much, but you roll the unkindness off your skin like an oyster does dirt, and you add another pearl to your heart.

I think that you are good, not because you are perfect, but because you are relentlessly seeking the good and choosing to see light even when there seems to be no hope.

So I find you most mesmerising, not because of beauty, selfish ambition, vanity, or any of the other things people assume you care about, but because your heart shimmers like glass even when it cracks.

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