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I’m Crystal Lee, a writer, ghostwriter, and storyteller.

Our world was built from words. Words have the power to construct communities, rupture relationships, and transform thinking. With the right wordsmith holding the pen, your story can come to life.

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Content Writing

Need content for your website? I can create blog posts and/or business write-ups in your desired length to inform and captivate your audience.


Compelled to share a story but not sure how to get your thoughts on the page? I can take your life experiences and write that story for you.


Want someone to look over your writing and offer both developmental editing and proofreading? I’m precise and enjoy the nitty-gritty.

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Works In Progress

Outside my window, a sparrow paused mid-flight, her mud wings laced around the fingers of an invisible puppeteer as he dangled her life against the blue curtain. Her wings were rigid as a stick and her beak was frozen in time. A static rainbow moved vertically across her like on a television screen and for a second, in my slumber, I instinctively searched for a remote control to change the channel. But when my vision shifted from peripheral to focus, it occurred to me that the sparrow had already landed on a building with ease. My skin then grew cold despite the wool covers of my bed, and though I wanted to look further for the lost sparrow, I realised that I would be better off if I left those incidents alone.

(Draft 1) Excerpt from Scarlett’s story, Reflections in a Needle

“Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.”

Sylvia Plath

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Instagram Snippets

When I was a kid, a wild and exquisite being cast a spell on me. 
Failing to extinguish the magic, I allowed it to dwell in my space. 
In return, I required nothing less than this being's irrevocable devotion to creating within me a world in which we could coexist. 
We set off to build a world that would curtain the harshness of humanity and to fill it with heroes and creatures we could both fall in love with.